Our History

Our History

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse was created with one simple focus in mind – bringing authentic, traditional Brazilian food to the heart of the Alberta prairies. The history of churrasco, or Brazilian barbeque, dates back to the 17th century from Rio Grande de Sul and is specific to the region of Pampa or the “Prairies” in South America.


In Pampa, the residents are known as Gaúchos and are the cattle-herders of the region. Their history is integrated into the South American culture and folklore as legendary horse riders. Often out on the range, their diet consists primarily of meat. Historically, Gaúchos often used open-pit fires to cook their fresh meats on large wooden or metal skewers or stakes near the open flames.

The history of churrasco and the Gaúchos have inspired us to recreate that authentic Brazilian experience and appropriately name our restaurant,
Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse. We opened our first location in Edmonton, Alberta in 2011 and expanded to the Calgary market in 2015.

It is our pleasure to serve you,

Oscar Lopez and Joao Dachery

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